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The self-care platform that helps you towards
a healthier mind & body through food, movement & community

Do you struggle with:

Weight Management?
Gut Issues?

If so, The Happy Pear Healthy Living App can help you!

What is The Happy Pear Healthy Living App?

Health & Lifestyle Courses

Courses to help you be healthier and happier with over 150 hours of expert knowledge from doctors, dieticians, cardiologists, gastroentrologists and more.

200+ Plant-Based Recipes

Delicious plant-based recipes and meal plans from The Happy Pear themselves, Dave & Steve Flynn, professional chefs with over 20 years of experience. All recipes are delicious, good for you and most take 15-30 min to make.

Tribe / Community

The Happy Pear Tribe is our online community that allows our members to connect, interact with like-minded people from around the world and helps you stay accountable on your health journey.

Weekly Live Workshops & Q&As

Ask the experts themselves for advice and get direct answers on issues or questions you might have with our weekly guests experts. Wind down with our bi-weekly bed time breathwork and meditation lives or our morning Rise and Shine stretch live classes

Yoga & Workouts

Hours and hours of yoga, workouts and movement lessons that you can choose to do at your own pace with varying levels of duration and difficulty to help you feel confident in your body.


A wide variety of meditations, breathwork and other mindfulness practices to help you relax and unwind when you need a hand managing stress and/or anxiety. Do one of our video lessons or join one of our lives.

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Meet Your Instructors​

David & Stephen Flynn

Founders of The Happy Pear

Rosie Martin

Registered Dietitian

Dr. Alan Desmond

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Zanna Van Dijk

Personal trainer

Dr. Gemma Newman

Registered GP

Dr. Sue Kenneally

Registered DP

Gerry Hussey

Performance Psychologist

Hannah Staunton

Certified Yoga Teacher and training Yoga Therapist

Jennifer Rock

Registered Dietician

Coming soon! New expert courses!

Join us to learn about sleep, menopause, erectile dysfuncion and more!

Choose your Plan

Annual Membership

,50 Per Month
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Access all of our courses which you can stream anytime, anywhere
  • Hundreds of delicious plant-based recipes
  • Invites to all weekly live events - breathwork and meditation, Rise and Shine morning stretch sessions. Webinars and Q&As with our experts, live cooking workshops.
  • New courses and content uploads monthly
  • Hours of mindful practices Hours of movement, workout, strength and yoga And so much more
  • 12 Month Membership
Best value!

Monthly Membership

Per Month
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Stream any course content anywhere any time
  • Hundreds of delicious plant-based recipes
  • Invites to all our live events with Happy Life experts and guest appearances, including Live Q&A's
  • New courses and content uploads monthly
  • Hours of mindful practices Hours of movement, workout, strength and yoga And so much more
  • Monthly Rolling Membership

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Access All Our Award-Winning Courses With 1 Membership​

Happy Skin

Become confident in your skin! Course with skin expert Jennifer Rock and registered dietician Rosie Martin

Happy Shape

Transform your body and relationship with food and find your happy shape! Transform your body and relationship with food and find your happy shape! Course with Dr. Sue Kenneally, a Doctor specialising in weight loss and lifestyle medicine and Rosie Martin, Registered Dietician.

Gut Health Revolution

Say goodbye to pain, digestive issues, general discomfort and beat the bloat with this transformative 4-week journey! Join more than 25,000 people who have done our Gut Health Revolution course. Course with Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Alan Desmond, Dietician Rosie Martin and gut mindfulness expert Simone Venner 

Happy Heart

Lower your cholesterol through healthy plant-base food! Join America’s Healthy Heart Doc, Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn on our Happy Heart Course. We have had helped more than 10,000 people lower their cholesterol and blood pressure by eating delicious whole-food plant-based meals. 

200+  Delicious plant based recipes & meal plans you'll love

Created for You by Dave & Steve, bestselling & award winning chefs
+ 5 new app-exclusive recipes every week!

Explore the tools brought by an amazing team of chefs, doctors, nutritionists, yoga and movement coaches.

And all of that together with the supportive community of like-minded people!

More Success Stories From Our Members​

Hear just some of our members talk about their experiences with Healthy Living and see just how much it’s helped them!

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Frequently asked Questions

You can access your Healthy Living account in two different ways; through your internet browser or via the Happy Pear: Healthy Living App which is available for both Android and iPhone.

Internet Browser:

Go to

Log in with the email address and password that you used to sign up with.

Your Username: The email address you used to create your account

Password: The Password you used to create your account

If you’ve logged in before but cannot log in anymore.

Once on the login page enter the correct password and the email address you used to sign up with.

Here is how you download the Happy Pear App on your phone;

The App store for iOS

Google Play for Android

Simply login with your email and password that you created when setting up your account or click on Sign up to create your account and access the full platform via your mobile device!

If it’s your first time logging in to your Happy Pear: Healthy Living Account:

Your account is automatically created once you sign up for the free trial.

Your Username: The email address you used to create your account

Password: The Password you used to create your account

If you’ve logged in before but cannot log in anymore.

Once on the login page enter the correct password and the email address you used to sign up with. 

Learn more about the Tabs on your Homepage


This is where you can get an overview of the content within the App.  Whether it’s Recipes, Courses, Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, Workouts or Podcasts, we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve got Cooking skills to help you you on your culinary journey plus all you need to know about your health and nutrition on a wholefood plant-based diet in our Vegan 101 module


Definitely our most popular tab on the platform!  This is where you can find our library of over 200 delicious wholefood plant-based recipes with meal plans & shopping lists too. You can search for oil-free or gluten-free with new recipes added weekly. Feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of the recipe, we love to hear how you are getting on!  Don’t forget to post your cooking creations in your Global Tribe. Keep us posted on your progress! 


This is where you’ll find the full range of Happy Pear courses.  You have full access to a whole range of courses so feel free to dip in and take a look around. 


Community is a super important part of our platform and we have seen time and time again how much of a difference it makes in terms of support, friendship and sharing a space with like-minded people on a similar journey to you.  Here is where you will find our online Happy Pear community, your Global Tribe.  So please don’t be shy, get involved and say hi.  Let’s harness the power of the collective, inspire and motivate each other and have a laugh too!

Live Webinars

Every week we’ll bring you live webinars with many of our course experts and super interesting and inspirational friends we have made from all walks of life over the years.  Click on ‘Next Live Event’ and you’ll be taken straight to the Zoom link for the live talk.  All recordings will also be available to watch back! 

We will be bringing you at least one Live Webinar a week. You’ll find all the information about the upcoming Webinars on your Lives tab/on our Explore page

Simply click on the Live and you will be brought to the Zoom link. If you’ve any questions, there will be time allocated at the end of the chat to ask/post live.  Whoever is hosting will do their best to answer them all!

You’ll also receive a notification (check that bell!)  about the upcoming Webinars to add to your calendar so you don’t miss out!

Depending on your membership/subscription, access will vary.

Yes, that’s fine, as long as you access the content within the time frame of your membership.  This begins on the day of purchase.

To start a course

  1. Log in to your Happy Pear: Healthy Living Account
  2. Go to the Courses Tab and search a Course there.
  3. Click on the course title and you’re off!

If you need to contact customer support you can do so by clicking here

We will do our best to make this experience fun, engaging, and impactful. We hope that you enjoy learning from us and the team of experts that we work with. Please remember that our courses are purely educational and designed for adults who have good general health. Taking part is designed to be a supportive and positive experience, but doing a course is no substitute for seeing your own family doctor or specialist. If you have any ongoing health problems or have symptoms that are worrying you, then please make an appointment to talk with your GP for individual medical advice. This is incredibly important.

As you might expect, food plays a big part in this journey. The meal plans and recipes that we use on all of our courses are designed to be healthy, lower in fat, and higher in fibre. If you are concerned that this type of eating isn’t suitable for you, then please talk to your own doctor or specialist before you make any changes.  We are here to support you every step of the way, remember, take it one day at a time.  Be kind to yourself, there really is no such thing as perfection.