The Ultimate Vegan Cooking course

David & Stephen Flynn, two seasoned vegan chefs & best-selling cookbook authors provide you with a masterclass in vegan cooking.

Learn to cook vegan food like a professional in just 4 weeks

— Enhance Your Cooking Skills
— Confident In The Kitchen
— Understand The Frameworks That Allow
— You To Cook Without Recipes




An introduction to how the course will work, what you can expect and some of our core cooking principles.

Kitchen Basics

From knife skills, equipment, seasoning, binders, to dairy alternatives, label reading and specialist ingredients.

Quick Easy Dinners

From sauces, beans and pulses, to bowl meals and 5 min meals.


From pancakes, granola, smoothies, to fried breakfasts, vegan omlettes and overnight oats.

Pasta & Pizza

From the basics, sauces, lasagnes, cannelloni’s to toppings, vegan cheese and methods.


From salad basics, greens, beans, grains and overall frameworks.


From novelty burgers to basic burger frameworks.

Dips and Sandwiches

From hummus, mayo, ketchup to sambo master class and other dips.

Stews and Curries

Stew frameworks, curry basics

Bakes Pies and Wellingtons

From the basics to bakes pies and wellingtons.

Introduction to Fermentation

From sourdough bread, making your own yogurt to sauerkraut, kimichi, pickling and kombucha.

Plant Based Nutrition

From main nutrition, supplements, protein and iron to cardiovascular disease, gut health and how to sustain a vegan diet.

Further Resources

From vegan athletes, useful websites, podcasts, book to well known vegans and eating out.

Bonus Section!

Some popular sweet treats.

Certificate of Completion

Your certificate of completion.


About your instructors & FAQ’s.

100+  Delicious plant based recipes you'll love

Created for You by Professional Chefs

What's included in the Ultimate Vegan Cooking course?

Each week you will receive recipes, educational content, & practical videos.

An in-depth 4-week video course

to help you transform the relationship with food and your body — and finally feel confident in your body.

Methods & Processes Specific To Vegan cooking

learn the skills, the science behind vegan cooking.

A Lifestyle Section

Yoga classes, workouts, breathwork, vegan 101, sleep - we have a whole lifestyle section for you to explore and enjoy too.

150+ Expert Vegan Cooking Recipes & Frameworks

including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Live Supportive Q&As

with Instructors to educate you on vegan cooking.

Online Community

of like-minded people going the same path to support, motivate and inspire you.

See what our students have to say

Learn On The Go

Access the challenge anytime, from anywhere and on any device!

Meet Your Instructors

David & Stephen Flynn

Founders of The Happy Pear

Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs with over 40 million views on their recipes on YouTube.

They are bestselling authors with restaurants, shops and a wide range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.


You will have access to the course content for 12 weeks from date of purchase, you can complete this course at any point within this timeframe, so you don’t need to follow along live.

Yes, this it is fine.  Our Courses are self-led. This means that you can do it when it suits you and you have 12 weeks to complete it.

Our meal plans provide at least 1800 kcals per day, plus more if you include the recommended snacks. As a healthy whole food plant-based diet often leads to weight loss, this course may not be suitable for you if you are underweight or have recently gotten through a period of weight loss.

In an ideal world, we would all be eating local, organic produce but as this is not feasible all the time — we feel it is more important to eat your fruit and vegetables than it is to worry about them being organic or not. The bigger issue is more about making sure you are getting whole-foods in your diet.

Studies have shown that even with the most sprayed fruit, such as grapes, the benefits of eating the fruit outweights the negatives of the chemical sprays.

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Explore the tools brought by an amazing team of chefs, doctors, nutritionists, yoga and movement coaches.

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