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An introduction to how the course will work, what you can expect and some of our core baking principles.

Baking Substitutes

We discuss everything you need to know about all the amazing plant based baking alternatives out there, from vegan cream cheese to the best plant based milks, to the handiest egg replacements and so much more.

Scones Masterclass

We break down the secrets behind creating the ultimate vegan scone, drawing on the 14 years experience of our cafe bakery.

Loaf Cakes

Who doesn’t love a classic. We discuss the concept of the loaf cake, where it originates from and how to create your own.

Sponges & Cupcakes

The stables of baking. We bring you through how to master the basics of vegan sponges and show you how to take it in new and interesting directions.

Cookie Masterclass

Everyone wants the secret behind a good cookie. We guide you though how to make the perfect cookie for you by striking the perfect texture and building big flavour.

The Perfect Brownie

It took us nearly over 200 trials to get this section right, but it was well worth it. We take you through our brownie process and dive into what we have found makes the perfect brownie.

Tray Biscuits

Flapjacks, Energy Bars and the rest! These beauties really are criminally underrated and we are going to show you why.

Pies & Crumbles

The hearty classics! These guys are baking home runs and we break down just how good they can be if given the time.

Raw Desserts & Healthier Cakes

We couldn’t leave you without some healthy alternatives. We show you just how good healthy plant based cakes can be and how you can adjust and make them with whatever ingredients you have available.


A Vegan Cheesecake? Yep, you heard right! And we can’t wait to show you how it can be just as good, if not better, then the real thing!

Vegan Doughnuts & Cinnamon Swirls

Maybe not for everyday baking, but these guys are real showstoppers! We take you through these little delights and show you how to make your own creative concoctions.

Chocolate Basics

For those that have always wanted to become a master chocolatier. We show you the secrets behind the mind-bending world of chocolate, from bean to bar.

Vegan Meringues

Like little clouds of sugary heaven. Ever wanted to make meringues at home like a proper baker? Now is your chance!

Layered Desserts

Who doesn’t love a trifle or a triamasu? We show you why these classics never go out of style and how you can whoa your friends with your own innovative creations.

Pastries, Croissants, Pain Au Chocolat

Escape to a French bakery in the comfort of your own home! We show you how to master the art of patisserie with our easy to follow frameworks.

150+  Delicious plant based recipes you'll be amazed by

Created for You by Professional Chefs & bakers

What's included in this course?

Each week you will receive recipes, educational content, live Q&As & practical videos.

in-depth expert video course

to help you transform the relationship with food and your body — and finally feel confident in your body.

methods & processes specific to vegan baking

Learn the skills, the science behind vegan baking

A lifestyle section

Yoga classes, workouts, breathwork, vegan 101, sleep - we have a whole lifestyle section for you to explore and enjoy too.

150+ Expert vegan baking Recipes & frameworks

including macarons, meringues, cheesecakes, brownies, sponge cakes, to name a few!!

live Q&As

with Instructors to educate you on vegan baking journey.

Online Community

of like-minded people going the same path to support, motivate and inspire you.

See what our students have to say

Learn On The Go

Access the challenge anytime, from anywhere and on any device!

Meet Your Instructors

David & Stephen Flynn

Founders of The Happy Pear

Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs with over 40 million views on their recipes on YouTube.

They are bestselling authors with restaurants, shops and a wide range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.


You will have access to the course content for 12 weeks from date of purchase, you can complete this course at any point within this timeframe, so you don’t need to follow along live.

Yes, this it is fine.  Our Courses are self-led. This means that you can do it when it suits you and you have 12 weeks to complete it.

You will be able to find almost all the ingredients on this course in your local supermarket or health food shop.

Gluten containing foods present on the course can be replaced with gluten-free options or omitted completely.

The cooking, depending on what meal plan you choose and how many you are cooking for, can take anywhere from 3 hours for the whole week, or an hour or so every day.


We will do our best to make this experience fun, engaging, and impactful. We hope that you enjoy learning from us and the team of experts that we work with. Please remember that our courses are purely educational and designed for adults who have good general health. Taking part is designed to be a supportive and positive experience, but doing a course is no substitute for seeing your own family doctor or specialist. If you have any ongoing health problems or have symptoms that are worrying you, then please make an appointment to talk with your GP for individual medical advice. This is incredibly important.

As you might expect, food plays a big part in this journey. The meal plans and recipes that we use on all of our courses are designed to be healthy, lower in fat, and higher in fibre. If you are concerned that this type of eating isn’t suitable for you, then please talk to your own doctor or specialist before you make any changes.  We are here to support you every step of the way, remember, take it one day at a time.  Be kind to yourself, there really is no such thing as perfection.

Explore the tools brought by an amazing team of chefs, doctors, nutritionists, yoga and movement coaches.

And all of that together with the supportive community of like-minded people!