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In just 4 weeks gain more energy, reduce bloating, improve your digestion, boost your immune system, feel lighter, and happier!

 Let us (Dave & Steve) and Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Alan Desmond, teach you the tools and techniques to a healthy gut, we will show you how to optimise your nutrition, guide you through the importance of sleep, movement, community and the techniques to apply these new learnings to your everyday life.

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200+ dedicated plant-based recipes

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Revolutionise your gut health with guidance of health professionals

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Course Summary

Do you often feel bloated?

Do you struggle with IBS?

Do you suffer from indigestion, acid reflux or heart burn?

Do you struggle with your digestion, constipation or diarrhoea?


If I was to tell you that nearly all the people in your life suffer from one or more of the above what would you say? Feeling discomfort in our gut has now become a standard expected part of our daily lives.

In this course, we will prove to you that you and your gut can feel amazing without having to take any medication! Simply through the food choices you make, your sleep, movement, stress levels, and community. We will be there step by step to teach you new habits, kitchen skills, how to stay motivated, and become more mindful. In just 4 weeks join us and a whole community of like-minded others and become a healthier and happier you.

What's included in the course

Live Q&A’s, a vibrant community, In depth course video content, yoga, workouts, meditation, breathwork and so much more…

Not to mention 200+  Delicious plant based GUT LOVING recipes & meal plan you'll love

Created For You By Professional Chefs, The Happy Pear

Course Content

  • Take the “Gut Health Checker”
  • Meal Plans, two options for those wanting to dive straight in or those looking to ease yourself in.
  • Gut Health Kitchen, from Knife skills, cooking with no oil, seasoning, to kitchen set up, dairy alternatives and fermented foods.
  • Take a rip down gut history, gut’s backstory and the microbiome that loves fibre!
  • The importance of movement and sleep.
  • Mindfulness for a healthy gut – a selection of meditations and breathe work for inner calm.
  • From ‘normal’ bowel habits, Dysbiosis, why plant diversity is queen, to inflammation and acid reflux.
  • The importance of nature.
  • Mindfulness for a healthy gut.
  • Let’s go deep into gut microbiome, FODMAPs, why we love lectins, SIBO, Coeliac disease and should we avoid gluten?
  • The importance of community and connection.
  • Mindfulness for a healthy gut, different sound based meditations for inner peace.
  • In our final week we cover fasting, dairy-free, food sensitivity tests, probiotics, food allergies, diverticular disease and why candida cleanses don’t work!
  • Digital minimalism and how progress is better than perfection.
  • Mindfulness for a healthy gut, our final meditations and a relaxing visualisation.

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Meet your instructors

Dave & Steve Flynn

Founders of The Happy Pear. With over 17 years in the health and wellness business. They have helped over 60,000 people across the globe with their online health and lifestyle courses. They have 5 best selling cookbooks and 1.5 million following on socials with over 40 million views on Youtube. They have been alcohol free for the last 20 years!

Doctor Alan Desmond

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Alan Desmond, is a Board Certified in both Gastroenterology and General Internal Medicine.

He actively promotes a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet, particularly for patients with chronic digestive disorders.

Dietitian Rosie Martin

Registered Dietitian

Rosie has a special interest in disease prevention and plant-based nutrition.

She currently works for the NHS, where she supports a wide range of patients, with her daily work ranging from coeliac disease to cancer.

Simone Venner

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher

Who educates and guides people to take back control of their health. Through mindfulness, meditations, yoga and breathe work.

Simone specialises in gut health optimisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the course content for 12 weeks from date of purchase, you can complete this course at any point within this timeframe, so you don’t need to follow along live.

Yes, this it is fine.  Our Courses are self-led. This means that you can do it when it suits you and you have 12 weeks to complete it. ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Our meal plans provide at least 1800 kcals per day, plus more if you include the recommended snacks. As a healthy whole food plant-based diet often leads to weight loss, this course may not be suitable for you if you are underweight or have recently gotten through a period of weight loss.

In an ideal world, we would all be eating local, organic produce but as this is not feasible all the time — we feel it is more important to eat your fruit and vegetables than it is to worry about them being organic or not. The bigger issue is more about making sure you are getting whole-foods in your diet.

Studies have shown that even with the most sprayed fruit, such as grapes, the benefits of eating the fruit outweights the negatives of the chemical sprays.


We will do our best to make this experience fun, engaging, and impactful. We hope that you enjoy learning from us and the team of experts that we work with. Please remember that our courses are purely educational and designed for adults who have good general health. Taking part is designed to be a supportive and positive experience, but doing a course is no substitute for seeing your own family doctor or specialist. If you have any ongoing health problems or have symptoms that are worrying you, then please make an appointment to talk with your GP for individual medical advice. This is incredibly important.

As you might expect, food plays a big part in this journey. The meal plans and recipes that we use on all of our courses are designed to be healthy, lower in fat, and higher in fibre. If you are concerned that this type of eating isn’t suitable for you, then please talk to your own doctor or specialist before you make any changes.  We are here to support you every step of the way, remember, take it one day at a time.  Be kind to yourself, there really is no such thing as perfection.



And all of that together with the supportive community of like-minded people!